What is javascript?

Javascript is a scripting and programming language to allow implement complex features on page. Javascript make a web page very attratctive and dynamic. Javascript have many framework and library to make web application colorful and dynamic.

What is the difference between Double equal(==) and Triple (===)?

Double equal and triple equal mainly same thing. But they have a big difference. Double equal check just value. Double equal find out many types of value. But triple equal is very strict. Triple equal check value and exact type.

What is the difference between Null and undefined?

Undefined is a…

React JS

React js is a javascript library for building user interfaces. It not a framework. It not not complete solution for you. But you can use other library with react js.

React tree reconcilation

Before the coming of react, when we needed browser api, who is known as DOM API. Any operation of DOM give same output. That’s why developer sometime going to be bored. But that’t the point, react come and solve this boring issuse. React give developer like a virtual dom. React work like a agency who connect us with DOM very easily.

How to do work…

Primitive values

primitive values is are kind of number, string and kind of other thinks. Primitive is console.log()

Object and function

Object and function are not primitive value. They have some power, which make them very unique.

Javascript Expressions

Many question have no answer in javascript language. Expressions is like this. You can answer what is expression. But you can give many example of expressions. console log(5+4). You got result 9. This is a experssions.

Checking a Type

Every values have a type. Some times you want to know types of values. Javascript have a method which help to find types of vules. This method is typeof()

Javascript comment

Comment is very…

History of JavaScript:

JavaScript was created in 1995 by Branden Eich While he was engineer as netscape. JavaScript was first released in 1996 with netscape. Firstly it named was liveScript. Sometimes later, liveScript change to javaScript for its marketing purpose. Because, that time Java is most popular programming language.

Types of javaScript:

JavaScript is multi-paradigm and dynamic language with types and operator. JavaScript types are:

  1. Number
  2. String
  3. Boolean
  4. Symbol
  5. Object
  6. Null
  7. Undefined

JavaScript number:

Number is primitive wrapped object used to represent and manipulate like 55 or -26. Values of other types can be converted number using the number() function.

Md. Samsul Shekh

I am samsul. I am a frontend developer.

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